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Admission requirements

The qualification requirements for the admission of past graduate studies are:

  1. A qualified University degree (Bachelor or Diploma) with at least 240 Credit Points in medical or economic study courses.

    Insofar as applicants hold a University degree or equivalent degree for which less than 240 CP (but at least 180 CP) were awarded, up to 30 CP can be produced by proof exceeding beyond professional experience referred to in point 03.

    Additional CP can be credited by proof of equivalent additional credits achieved from the professionally relevant offer from the Würzburg-Schweinfurt University, another University, the Virtual University of Bavaria or the offer of cooperation partners of the further education studies.

    The proof must be provided until registration of the Master thesis.

  2. Applicants with another domestic or foreign degree may be admitted if the course of studies is accepted by the Examining Boards as being qualitatively equivalent. For an acceptance of less than 240 CP, the provisions referred to under 01. are applicable.
  3. Additional admission requirement for all degrees under number 01 and 02 is a relevant professional experience of normally not less than one year and a scope of activity of at least 50%.

    In exceptional cases, the professional experience can still be made up until the completion of the Master studies.