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Target group & perspectives

The past graduate studies will teach the necessary business and advanced scientific competences required to address the increasingly important management tasks in companies and institutions in the health sector.

The offer is aimed at employees from companies in the health sector having a relevant University degree. The target group of the course of studies is, in particular, doctors and managers in the Nursing- and Management area of hospitals, practices and other companies in the health sector.

Companies and healthcare providers must be able to adapt flexibly to the constantly changing environment. Current developments, such as privatisation, budgetary measures by health insurance funds and patient choice lead to significantly increased competition between companies.

With regard to the operational requirements, these can now be compared with traditional commercial enterprises whose long-term success depends increasingly on the key factors to efficiency, quality and efficient marketing along with medical quality. This applies, in particular, to health regions, such as the Bäderland Bayerische Rhön with its high density of hospitals, nursing facilities, practices and healthcare providers. Addressed are managers in these facilities acquiring a University Management degree parallel to their work and wanting to qualify for such responsible tasks.